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We have ideas. We find solutions to your communication needs. We immerse ourselves in your search, we dive to find them. Ask for what you want. We can help you.

El Directorio we are Cristina Castañ, Miguel Añaños, Michel Gracia and Jorge Martorell.

we communicate

Since 1999, we plan effective communication projects based on creativity and design as distinctive values.

we do

We articulate all kinds of strategies: advertising, graphic design, audiovisual, events, on-line and conventional media.

we are persons

We believe in teamwork and communication must be transmitting of knowledge, creating beauty and be open to change and novelty.


Communication only works when it is honest, clear and true. And that´s our way of communicating.

Simplicity: The clear, pure message, the concept that goes straight to the brain.

Elegance: The form also is message. The brilliance, originality and beauty are guaranteed success.


We can. Each time, the better. What counts is the trajectory and outcomes.

Effectiveness: Sell, educate, persuade... communicate with a purpose. And we have to get it.

Commitment: We are part of our client and their prosperity is our reason for being and working.

Professional experience

Since 1999, we are the external communications department of our customers manage their advertising campaigns and realize their creative assignments, design or media provided with the same interest and professionalism of the first day.

  • Some brands for which we have worked:
  • adidas
  • Ainur
  • Álvarez Beltrán
  • Aragón Exterior
  • Aragón Televisión
  • Aramon
  • Ayuntamiento de Fraga
  • Ayuntamiento de Sádaba
  • Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
  • Banco de sangre de Aragón
  • Bebinter-Ámbar
  • Biblioteca de Aragón
  • Biología y nutrición
  • Bodegas Langa
  • Calidad Rural Aragón
  • Cámara de Comercio de Zaragoza
  • Canal Imperial de Aragón
  • Centro de Historias de Zaragoza
  • Ciudad del Motor Motorland
  • Colegio de fisioterapeutas de Aragón
  • Comité aragonés de agricultura ecológica
  • CREA
  • DPZ
  • DO Melocotón de Calanda
  • DO Calatayud
  • Ecología y desarrollo
  • Endesa
  • Euroaragón
  • Eurosca
  • Expo 2008
  • Frutos secos El Rincón
  • Fundación Ozanam
  • Gobierno de Aragón
  • Grupo Brial
  • Grupo Pastores
  • Heraldo de Aragón
  • Ibercaja
  • Inmobiliaria Nuevoprado - Grupo Tabuenca
  • Instituto Aragonés de Fomento
  • Instituto Aragonés de la Juventud
  • Instituto Aragonés de la Mujer
  • Instituto Aragonés del Agua
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón
  • Interni Armarios
  • Intersport Zaragoza
  • Kühnel Estudios Superiores
  • Lorente arquitectos
  • Master D
  • Panishop
  • Pikolín
  • Restaurante El Rodizio
  • Siemens Electrodomésticos
  • Sirasa
  • Sodemasa
  • Ternasco de Aragón
  • Thinking people
  • Tuzsa
  • Zaragoza Turismo
  • Zaragoza Cultural
  • 2013
  • Carnival Campaign City of Zaragoza
  • 2012
  • Promotion campaign Lamb from Aragon Ternasco de Aragón
  • 2011
  • Campaign on tap water consumption of the Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
  • 2009
  • Act in Barcelona about Calanda Peach
  • Campaign to promote organic food the Government of Aragon
  • 2008
  • Campaign "7 days, 7 routes" to the Provincial Council of Zaragoza
  • Presentation in Madrid Calanda Peach
  • Campaign Hall of Science of the Government of Aragon in the Fiestas de El Pilar
  • 2007
  • Training Campaign for the Government of Aragon
  • Campaign on Immigration of the Government of Aragon
  • 2006
  • Outdoor advertising campaign of Aragon Television
  • 2005
  • Aragon Day Campaign 2005 of the Government of Aragon
  • 2004
  • Brand Campaign "Natural de Aragon" of the Government of Aragon
  • Aragon Day Campaign 2004 of the Government of Aragon
  • 2003
  • Industrial Safety Campaign Aragon Institute of Technology
  • Exposure Campaign "Territorium" the Government of Aragon
  • Travelling exhibition Aragon Water Institute
  • Aragon Day Campaign 2003 of the Government of Aragon
  • 2002
  • Information campaign III affirmative action plan
  • Aragon Day Campaign 2002 of the Government of Aragon
  • Campaign "Operation Mouse" of the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento
  • Launch Campaign Aragonese Youth Institute

Some are basic in the profession. Others are novedosos.
And some are to be discovered.

  • Communication strategies
  • Creativity and graphic design
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Corporate image
  • Planning media campaigns
  • Audiovisual communication
  • Production of all kind of ads
  • Press and communication office
  • Events, exhibitions and stands
  • Internet websites and online marketing
  • Social media, blogs and emailing
  • Labeling and showcase design
  • POS marketing
  • Editing catalogs, magazines and printed all kinds
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Interactive editing for mobile devices


Periodically, we summarize our recent work to make them known and give ideas. With pride. Hard. We want them to hear us. In this section, you will see the latest bulletins and if you like, you can subscribe to receive them via email filling out the form. Do you agree?

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Get on our ship. We´ll take you to the world of ideas. Take the Lead. Let´s talk.

Cuatro de Agosto, 7. Pasaje de los Giles, local 6 - 50003 Zaragoza
t. (+34) 976 794 000


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office schedule

monday to friday: 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

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